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About Us

About Us

Banxa is one of the fastest growing fiat (cash) to Web3 solutions providers in the digital asset industry. 

Banxa powers the world’s largest digital asset platforms by providing payments infrastructure and regulatory compliance in local markets at global scale. 

Banxa is one of the only publicly traded businesses of its type, resulting in their pro-regulation approach being able to future proof partners’ abilities to operate in local territories. 

Banxa’s mission is to accelerate the world to Web3 and beyond and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with European headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and offices now in the USA, wider Europe, and Asia regions.

What we’re known for

Banxa is the leading global Web3 on-and-off ramp solution, allowing end users to purchase cryptocurrency and NFT’s using fiat currency (credit  card, wire transfers and local payment options) which results in one of the highest conversion rates on the market for its partners. 

Established in 2014, Banxa has always always sought to acquire licences to operate in local markets as opposed to a blanket approach like others. With the blockchain industry becoming more mainstream and in the spotlight, regulation is guaranteed to follow. Banxa’s approach future proofs its ability to operate in markets and continue to grow its business as a transparent industry leader.

Why Invest In Banxa?

Think of this stage in time as the Web in 1999 before the internet exploded. Banxa is setting up the infrastructure to onboard billions of people into the Web3 space and change the world. Are you ready?