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What is Banxa?

Banxa is a publicly traded payment service provider and RegTech platform for the digital assets industry. Banxa processes local transactions between investor bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why use Banxa?
  • Highest Conversions – Banxa offers industry leading conversion rates with our payment solutions.
  • Fully Compliant – As a publicly listed entity we’re regulated, and focus on compliance.
  • Guaranteed Protection – Peace of mind knowing your business is covered with Banxa’s zero chargeback guarantee.
  • Expert Support – Customer support available 24/7, wherever your end-users are located and whenever they need help.
When does your fiscal year end?

December 31

When do you announce financial results?

Please refer to the upcoming events section.

Where is Banxa stock listed?

Banxa stock currently trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker BNXA. In the US the stock trades under the ticker BNXAF on the OTC markets.

When did Banxa stock first trade?

January 2021

Who is your transfer agent?

TSX Trust Company

How do we make an inquiry regarding investor relations?

Please email

Is Banxa a bank and/or authorised deposit taking institution?

No. Banxa is not a bank / authorised deposit taking institution. Banxa is one of the fastest growing fiat (cash) to Web3 solutions providers in the digital asset industry. Banxa powers the world’s largest digital asset platforms by providing payments infrastructure and regulatory compliance in local markets at global scale.