Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorized deposit taking institution.

Enabling economic innovation through crypto infrastructure

Banxa is building the core financial infrastructure that will enable a world where crypto is embedded into our daily lives – whether we see it or not.

As the crypto user base expands and the Web3 ecosystem evolves, the need for companies to integrate crypto into operations becomes obvious. This shift lays the foundation for Banxa’s logical next step in the path laid out in the 2010s: by 2030 every technology company will need to be a crypto company, with transactions powered by interconnected blockchain infrastructure. Banxa had this vision long ago and has been diligently executing against it, year after year.

Banxa is building for this new world. The current state of Web3 infrastructure, particularly in the realm of payments and on-ramping/off-ramping, highlights the growing demand for flexible APIs and seamless integration with existing payment service providers. To stay competitive, businesses must ensure they’re equipped to handle the ongoing convergence of traditional finance, crypto and regulation.

Banxa has a long and distinguished track record of success in crypto. As a leading and trusted on- and off-ramp for Web3 since 2014 that has processed billions of dollars in transactions, Banxa has already played a vital role in onboarding users to the world of crypto and facilitating a global financial system in which crypto and fiat can coexist seamlessly.

Company Highlights


crypto sold

1.25 Million

Customer served and

5 Million

Orders Completed

Processing a new order every 18 seconds


B2B partners including market leaders - Metamask, Ledger & OKX


(crypto/money-transmitter) licenses and registrations globally

20 +

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Frequently asked questions

  • Banxa is a publicly traded payment service provider and RegTech platform for the digital assets industry. Banxa processes local transactions between investor bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchanges.

    • Highest Conversions – Banxa offers industry leading conversion rates with our payment solutions.
    • Fully Compliant – As a publicly listed entity we’re regulated, and focus on compliance.
    • Guaranteed Protection – Peace of mind knowing your business is covered with Banxa’s zero chargeback guarantee.
    • Expert Support – Customer support available 24/7, wherever your end-users are located and whenever they need help.
  • Our fiscal year ends on June 30th.

  • Please refer to the upcoming events section.

  • Banxa stock currently trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker BNXA. In the US the stock trades under the ticker BNXAF on the OTC markets.

  • January 2021

  • TSX Trust Company

  • You can contact us at investors@banxa.com

  • No. Banxa is not a bank / authorised deposit taking institution. Banxa is one of the fastest growing fiat (cash) to Web3 solutions providers in the digital asset industry. Banxa powers the world’s largest digital asset platforms by providing payments infrastructure and regulatory compliance in local markets at global scale.